Hello, I am currently seeking new projects, with a particular interest in the arena of mapping/geospatial.

I am an American software dev based in Cape Town, South Africa (UTC+2), who has experience working remotely.

If you like what you've seen here, and have or know of any opportunities you think might be a good match, please do not hesitate to send them my way!


Drew Griscom Roos


Mercator: Extreme

An interactive visualization of the extreme distortions of the Mercator projection. The end result is a single map encompassing the entire surface of the Earth, yet containing both human scale and global scale. A mind-blowing new way of looking at the world. Performs dynamic map reprojection using WebGL.



If you've ever stood on a beach staring out at the ocean, wondering what's across the other side, this project is for you. It computes the first landfall in all directions from a given point. Results are presented in a panorama-esque 'first person' view, as well as more traditional sightlines viewable in Google Earth. Due to the curvature of the Earth, the results may surprise you! Powered by data from OpenStreetMap.

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A minesweeper solver in python. Exhaustively solves any board, of any topology, through the use of advanced combinatorial and probability analysis. It can compute the exact mine probabilities of all cells, as well as detect inconsistent game states. Highly optimized, but ultimately still an O(2n) algorithm. Includes a live web demo.


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LED Meshes

Limitless Slip Dome
A 4m-wide suspended mesh of ~3,000 addressable LED pixels. Displays algorithmic visuals, full-motion video, or can stream content from desktop OS. Capable of sound and motion interactivity. Don't walk too close or you'll get caught in its gravitational pull. Art project for AfrikaBurn 2016+, followed by…

A fearsome insect creature: 15m wingspan; mounted atop a scissor lift rising 17m into the air. Wings fully covered with LEDs in a semi-regular grid– one entire dome's worth per wing. Same software stack and crazy visuals, with added support for remote control, content mapping effects, and HDMI-in for live guest VJing. Welcome your new overlord! AB2018.


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A color elevation map layer designed to maximize contrast of small elevation differences and highlight the fine detail in terrain. Made to address what I perceive to be flaws in typical color elevation ("hypsometric") maps. The end result is vibrant, a bit disorienting, and absolutely saturated with information. Provides global coverage to 3″ / 90m resolution.

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A home-brew navigation app for netbooks. Tracks your location via a USB/Bluetooth GPS and presents a full-screen moving map view / heads-up display, made super-smooth via OpenGL. Using the bundled tool, you pre-cache regions of interest from any web mapping provider, allowing you to navigate completely offline. The project that motivated me to learn python.



Dimagi travels a lot. It gets hard to keep tabs on everyone. Here's a site that shows how we're all currently scattered across the globe. It makes it super easy for team members to keep their whereabouts up to date: integration with location services like google latitude and foursquare; polling browser location; update gateways via email and skype (and it even sends out nag emails ;-). Built using django / jquery / knockout.


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