Drew Griscom Roos


Hello. I'm Drew Roos, and I love to code. I recently realized that most of the things I've messed around with no one has ever seen. Hence, this website: a place to catalog and showcase my work.

I enjoy programming projects of all stripes, but I have a particular interest in: geospatial, algorithms, math/physics, monte-carlo methods, and rendering / visualization / eye-candy.

I currently reside with my wife in her home town of Cape Town, South Africa (i.e., paradise on Earth). Prior to that we lived in NYC, where I had a stint at Google New York. Before that I worked at Dimagi, where my day job was improving healthcare in the developing world through a smorgasbord of technology projects and field work: mobile apps, SMS, solar-powered kiosks in clinics, etc. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Computer Science. I went to Choate for high school. I skipped two grades. I grew up in Connecticut.

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