Drew Griscom Roos



DECEMBER 6 538 Problems, But a Swing State Ain't One


JANUARY 18 Dear People Trying to Store Energy via Gravity: Please Stop


DECEMBER 28 Fucking Tides, How Do They Work?
NOVEMBER 21 Global Entry, or: How I Opened My Front Door with an SMS
NOVEMBER 4 You May Not Like DST, But You Probably Like Whining
AUGUST 8 Installing Picasa Photo Viewer on Ubuntu 12.04
JUNE 16 Command Line History Done Right
MARCH 27 Survivorship in the Digital Age
MARCH 21 A Plea for Password Usability
FEBRUARY 10 Spot-Saving Post-Snowstorm: A Rant


NOVEMBER 5 It's a Wedding!
APRIL 20 Brownbag Talk: SSH ninja sauce


DECEMBER 30 You would not BELIEVE the day I've had
MAY 4 Afghanistan Field Report: Epilogue
APRIL 27 Afghanistan Field Report: Week 2
APRIL 19 Afghanistan Field Report: Week 1


APRIL 30 Software in the Field: Redundancy, Resiliency, and Failsafes


NOVEMBER 1 Dispatch from Africa, cont'd
SEPTEMBER 13 Dispatch from Africa