Drew Griscom Roos


Spot-Saving Post-Snowstorm: A Rant

File under things I cannot abide: the practice of ‘saving’ your parking spot (via patio chair, step-ladder, etc.) when you dig out your car after a big snowstorm.

Here’s a great idea: let’s take a situation where parking supply is severely restricted, and then make a whole bunch of the remaining parking spaces off-limits even when there’s no car filling them!

Yes, I know you labored for hours digging out your car, and no one else should be able to reap the benefit of your hard work. But here’s the thing: the benefit is being able to use your car. There is a perfectly valid way of claiming the parking space, and that is to leave your car there until the snow melts.

Digging out is the cost of doing business for driving around after the storm. No one owes you anything for doing it. Whoever parks there after you probably had to shovel some snow too.

The idea of claiming a parking space on a public street is antithetical to city living. If you feel you deserve dedicated parking, rent a private space or buy a place that has one.

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