Drew Griscom Roos



It's likely because the hundreds of hours logged playing videogames as a kid have caused these melodies to short-circuit the pleasure centers of my brain, but I genuinely enjoy listening to this stuff. My personal curation of iconic tunes from classic games.

Country Count

Gotta catch 'em all!

Where I've Been

Country counting is fun but it's a pretty crude measure. Here is a fine-grained 'pins on a map' accounting of all the places I've ever been.

Dimagi Blog, myspace ed.

This artifact has hazy origins… a few beers, a series of escalating dares, and a little something called blingee. Compare to the original.

Archives: Roadtrip to Labrador

Photoblog from my 3-week roadtrip along the Trans-Labroador highway in 2009. This trip took us to the end of the road — the farthest extent of the North American road network on the East Coast.