Drew Griscom Roos


Demo Source



  • Many ways to update your whereabouts
    • google latitude
    • foursquare
    • tripit (provisional)
    • browser geolocation
    • email gateway (e.g, subject: manila)
    • skype gateway (via dimagi's skypebot)
    • plain old web interface
    and the logic to reconcile so many disparate sources
  • Sign-in via team members' google apps account
  • Auto-provisioning of new users based on google apps profile info
  • Displays local time of all users, time zone difference (if signed in), and who's bathed in sunshine or in darkness
  • Real-time updates: whereis can act as a dashboard or ambient display
  • Avatar framework (powers other sites in the dimagiverse). Supports multiple avatars per person, with slow, randomized rotation
  • Personal history and stats
  • Embeddable widget
  • API
  • Nag emails for inactive users (or people who don't travel enough *snicker*)
  • Intelligent mapping of lat/lon to 'best' location (i.e., prefers metro centers to suburbs)

whereis.dimagi.com is our global team tracker. We constantly have people in the field, and felt we should document our slow march towards world domination.

whereis strives to track people's locations with city-level accuracy. To this end, it snaps people to a known database of 'curated' locations. These locations are added by users, but the system makes best attempts to auto-create them when necessary. It also employs smarts to facilitate this course level of tracking (for example, if polling google latitude, it waits till you've stopped moving before commiting your latest position).